Is Eight Enough? We enter season eight of One Tree Hill with that question in mind when comes to our characters and their pursuit of happiness. There’s several storms on the horizon, some are storms of emotional turmoil while others are actual storms. Happiness doesn’t come easy in the town of Tree Hill and as always there is tragedy that befalls this North Carolina town. Haley is expecting, Nathan is re-evaluating and Brooke is learning that being the face of a company comes at a cost. Did you ask for a another love triangle?(We didn’t) Well, buckle up because there is one that’s heating up. Some characters will be suiting up this year, and that could be for a wedding, a new career or to fight crime. This year, One Tree Hill comes full circle and with loss of wealth comes a chance to restart something that once was. Stalkers? Check. Meddling Parents? Check. Things that might make you cry, laugh and wish you were a resident of Tree Hill? Check. Has One Tree Hill overstayed it’s welcome after seven seasons? We’re about to find out!

Join us as we discuss all things One Tree Hill (and then some) in our bingecasting of the series! This week our trio sits down and discusses the season 8 episodes “Quiet Little Voices” and "Where Not To Look For Freedom"


Join as this week we sit down and start talking about all the new things to unpack in Season 8 of One Tree Hill. We happen to discuss so much! We talk about attempting the cracker challenge, soylent green and who our parents where before they had us...we also talk a bit about these episodes!


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