Fires, Heart Attacks, Hooker Wives, Car Accidents, Fist Fights, Love Triangles and School Shootings. The teens and parents of Tree Hill have seen it all, but they're headed towards the biggest change yet, GRADUATION! With Season 4 comes a new network, new makeup and of course new OVER THE TOP drama! Basketball is making a comeback, somebody is having a baby, there may or may not be some shady gambling deals, and of course long lost relatives (It wouldn't be One Tree Hill without it) and hopefully a conclusion to infamous love triangle! Winston, Jimmy and Jeannette are entering a new ERA of the show, the CW Era of One Tree Hill.


Join us as we discuss all things One Tree Hill (and then some) in our bingecasting of the series! This week our trio sits down and discusses the season 4 episodes "Some You Give Away" and "Songs and Love and Die By"


Join as this week we sit down and start talking about all the new things to unpack in Season 4 of One Tree Hill. We happen to discuss jumping in front of cars for our spouses, forgiveness for kisses in life threatening situations and how'd we'd feel if our spouses put us in harms way.


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