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Winston- Winston is the ringleader of this OTH crew. Having seen every episode and been jonesing to create his own podcast, he roped his husband (Jimmy) and best friend (Jeannette) into watching OTH for the first time. Winston dreams of being a screenwriter, actor and podcasting celebrity. He writes reviews of some of his favorite shows over at SpoilerTv.com and thinks you should check it out. When he's not watching OTH, he's at work or at home probably doing something that requires a screen. 

Jimmy- Jimmy is an investment personality, on his own journey to success in not just real estate but as a beacon of positivity as well. Jimmy doesn't really care for OTH, and likes to think he is doing this as a favor. (We know the truth though, no one can hate OTH) You can follow his personal journey here. This is his first time really watching OTH and it's a far cry from his usual TV fare. 

Jeannette- Jeannette likes Cats and has never seen One Tree Hill until now. She also will beat a bitch's ass. Until she tells us what should really go here, this is all we got. She's not on Twitter, but we'd like her to be. 

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Check out our video of us eating pickled eggs just like Peyton in the season 2 Episode "I Will Dare"

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